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Connecting cyclists across the world. A pre-ride organisational platform that allows cyclists to explore, plan and create group rides - for free!

It‘s the only tool cyclists need to connect with riders, clubs and cycling hubs, at the touch of a button.

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If you’ve ever passed big groups of cyclists on your local roads and wanted to be part of them, then Link My Ride is for you. Using the map, discover new clubs or riders around you - join them and meet new likeminded cyclists. Group rides are happening across the world so get involved!



Schedule, plan and keep track of all your upcoming rides within your Link My Ride calendar. Organise group rides, view the route, see who’s attending, comment and discuss the ride’s finer details. Link My Ride makes group ride organisation simple and easy.



Create a new ride in your local area or schedule a ride at your next destination. Personalise it, share it with your friends, or make it public for others to join, and get excited about the day. Ride with others and share the great experience of cycling!

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